Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth,
- Souza


+ The Story Of Christi & Matt

+ Christi's Attendants

+ Matt's Attendants

+ A Special Thank You



Christi and Matt were introduced by Matt’s sister Sara in the spring of 2005. Sara had cut Christi’s hair for about a year and the two became friends. One afternoon Christi and her dog Sasha drove to Sara and Matt’s house. Christi in her pink sneakers and Sasha in her pink collar. They made quite an impression on Matt.

A couple of weeks later Matt, Sara, and Christi went tubing down the Salt River and had a blast. Matt was impressed with Christi’s bikini and decided to ask Sara for Christi’s phone number. A few days later Matt called Christi and asked her out on a date. She said YES. He decided they would go to a Diamondbacks game. Christi called a half hour before she was supposed to be at Matt’s and said she was sick and couldn’t make it. There was silence on the phone… then she cracked a laugh and said she’d was running a few minutes late and would be there shortly.

Arriving late to the house they’d be late to the game for sure. Not to worry Matt still found great seats behind the opposing team’s dugout. Christi was so impressed that she decided to buy Matt a beer- if she only had enough cash on her. So she borrowed a few bucks from Matt and they both got their beverage of choice. As they were walking down to their seats in between innings, standing on top of the Diamondbacks dugout, a man was proposing to his girlfriend. Matt & Christi looked at each other with silly smiles and laughed.

Finally they made it down to their seats in the front row, right behind the dugout. Christi was really excited- she had never been that close before. The game was close. Until Adam Dunn of the Cincinnati Reds hit a grand slam in the top of the 8th and the Reds started to pull away. In the middle of the 8th Inning a big heart went up on the big screen and the camera men started having fun by putting couples up on the Kiss Cam. Matt & Christi laughed at the couples as they looked silly. When BOOM there they were inside the heart up on the big screen. So Matt leaned over for a smooch and Christi dove right in. What a wonderful first kiss, and the whole stadium saw it!

This was the start of the courtship of Matt & Christi. It all started on the big screen…


BRIDAL PARTY: It’s hard to sum up in just a few short sentences just how much each of these people means to us.  This group of individuals is amazing each in their own unique way and they will forever hold a very special place in our hearts!


Christi’s Attendants:

Kimberly Bradley- (Matron of Honor & DIVA)
My best girlfriend Kim A.K.A. “Maxine” has been a very special friend to me for the last 8 years of my life.   Kim has been there for me through the greatest and worst of times always knowing what to say and how to support me when I needed her the most.  Even the time when she tricked me into thinking I won $30K on a fake lotto card!!!  We love to tease and give each other a hard time.  I swear we were twins in another life as we have the tendency to say, think, and buy the same things even though we are miles apart.  Kim lives in Las Vegas with her husband Robert and 16 year old son Jordan.

Julien Zavaski- (Bridesmaid-My one and only Sister)
My big sis Julien lives in Kenosha, WI and even though we live thousands of miles away from each other we make it a priority to constantly stay in touch and up to date on each others lives.   She is the “Martha Stewart” crafty and creative sister who has attempted to get me into scrap booking numerous times… one of these days when things slow down I promise I will start scrap-booking!  Julien loves working with children & although her new career path takes her more towards the corporate life she will always make time for the priorities in her life.  I truly admire my sister for her patience & cherish our friendship.

Kimi Steinberg- (Bridesmaid-1st Girlfriend in AZ)
My dear Kimi was the very first friend I had when I moved to Phoenix 6 ½ years ago.  We have shared some very memorable & emotional moments with each other throughout the last several years.  It’s amazing to look back at how much our lives have changed for the better vs. when we 1st met.  I will forever cherish the times we shared with Miss Sasha and what a wonderful dog sitter Kimi always was to her.  Kimi now lives in Rochester, MN with her husband Brent & beautiful baby girl Avery Reid.

Chrissy Souders- (Bridesmaid-Girlfriend from AZ & DIVA)
From the day we 1st met, Chrissy and I instantly hit it off.  It’s been about 5 ½ years now that we have known each other and we have been inseparable ever since.  In our “younger and wilder” days we would love to go dancin and party like Rock Stars!  We always make time to meet up for lunch and shop ‘til we drop!  Chrissy and I have shared some amazing times together and she has always been a huge support to me through the good times and the bad.  Chrissy lives in Phoenix with her husband Jeff and gorgeous little boy Shane.

Sara Gonshorowski- (Bridesmaid- Match Maker & Soon to be Sister-In-Law)
Without Sara none of this would be happening… Sara was our match maker and forever I will be grateful for the opportunity to become one of her clients!  She knew more about me in the first 2 appointments then some of my friends that have known me for years- ya know you tell your hair stylist EVERYTHING!  Ha ha ha   She insisted I meet her brother Matt- and thank GOD I did.  From the day Sara & I met we totally hit it off and have become great friends over the past several years.  Sara radiates an energy that is contagious and I admire her attitude on life.  I am so looking forward to being her new sister in law.

Abby Gonshorowski- (Bridesmaid-Soon to be Sister-In-Law)  
I’ll never forget the 1st time I met Abby Jo- we went to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival and had an unforgettable time.  I will spare everyone of the details but we sure did have a blast!  Abby and I have become great friends and have found we have a lot in common like being the youngest of our families.  We definitely try to use that to our advantage when we can!  Abby is currently going to school at ASU to get her degree in Education and to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.  I always wanted a younger sis I could pick on…just kidding!

Jami Turner- (Bridesmaid-Girlfriend from Chi-town)
My girlfriend Jami and I met when we both lived back in IL 9 years ago.  Another memorable 1st meeting being at the Milwaukee Fest in a down pour we were stuck in a car for about 3 hours with no where to go.  We certainly bonded right away and have been wonderful friends ever since.  Jami has stuck by my side through it all and I have had the opportunity to be a part of her wedding and now share in her amazing experience of becoming a new mommy.   After several years of living overseas Jami and her husband Chris have moved back to that states and now living in California with their baby boy Preston Chase Turner.

Haylee Zavaski- (Flower Girl & Bride’s Niece)
My beautiful niece Haylee is truly an amazing little girl.  Even though we live so far she is always close to my heart and I think of her often.  I have been so blessed for the times I have had to share with her and we have had some really fun adventures together.  I look forward to many more over the years to come…  Haylee is following in my foot steps and takes dance and singing classes at my old dance studio in Libertyville, IL.  Auntie Arizona loves to spoil Miss Haylee and is so proud of what a truly wonderful girl she is growing up to be. 

Jennifer Germani- (Personal Attendant- Girlfriend from MI)
Jen has been such an inspiration in my life in so many ways.  Our friendship has grown as we moved to different parts of the country and life has taken its course.  I can always pick up the phone and know that I will hear Jen smiling right through it.  “Hi Honey” are the first words I hear and no matter what kind of day I am having she has a way of always cheering me up.  I can always count on Jen to be there no matter what.   We have shared some amazing memories and trips together and I will forever be grateful for the friendship we have created.  Jen and her 2 beautiful children Travis & Sophia live in Waterford, MI.

Chris Raught- (Personal Attendant- DIVA)
Chris and I have had some of the best laughs and memories that I will never forget.  We were fortunate enough to have won 2 all expense paid trips through our jobs to Mexico & the Bahamas.  We had not even met each other in person and just talking over the phone we became instant buddies.  Chris has also been a huge support for me throughout the last several years and don’t know what I would have done without her.  Laughing and living without fear are just a few of the things I most admire about Chris.  She is a true friend…


Matt’s Attendants:

Bob Gonshorowski – (Groom’s Brother)
My little brother lives in Chicago and wears many different hats, but ultimately Bob is a Chicago Cubs fan.  Bob and I both love sports and competition.  We battle at everything from fishing to tennis.  Bob is a 2x Iowa State wrestling Champ.  He graduated from North Dakota State University and currently works in national sales.

Barry Weldon – (Groom’s College Roommate and College Wrestling Teammate)
My ol’ buddy Barry lives in Springfield Missouri with his wife Megan and new born daughter, Ayda.  Barry and I were both in the Botany club together at Iowa State.  Barry and I were big into camping and outdoor activities.  Barry graduated from Iowa State and currently is a pharmaceutical rep.

Brent Dunlap – (Groom’s Boyhood – High School Friend)
Brently was one of my closest friends growing up.  We did nearly everything together, as we had similar interests back in Washington, Iowa.  Brent lives in the Chicago land area with his wife Jill, son Owen, and daughter Bhrena. This is where he currently runs his own Optometry business.  Brent graduated from Central College in Pella Iowa and then earned his Doctorate from the Chicago School of Optometry.

Arnold Castaneda – (Groom’s Boyhood – High School Friend)
AC has been a friend since grade school.  Arnold currently lives in Iowa City and wears many different hats, but it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers that he loves best.  Arnold and I both share a love of music, travel and sports.  Arnold started his college career at Iowa State, but graduated from Iowa University.

Kris Kron - (Groom’s Boyhood – High School Friend)
Kris has been a friend since youth baseball.  We traveled many miles together as teenagers and both lived on the east coast in the late 90’s.  Kris currently lives in Longmont, Colorado with his wife Kathy, who was a college classmate of mine, and their new born Caroline.  Kris graduated from Indiana State University and is a youth sports coordinator.

Christian Prochaska - (Groom’s Boyhood – High School Friend)
Christian was one of my closest friends growing up.  His parents were my godparents and always looked after me as a part of their family.  Christian and I both love to mountain bike and enjoy the outdoors.  Christian lives in Iowa City with his wife, Sarah, daughter Lily and son Beckett.  He currently owns and operates the restaurant ‘Taste’ on Melrose.  Christian has his culinary degree from Portland Culinary Institute. 

Dave Wolf – (Groom’s Friend)
I met Dave through my college roommate Barry.  Dave and I both enjoy going to concerts and doing outdoor activities.  Dave is awesome on a snowboard, mountain bike and motorcycle.  He lives in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife Stacey and new born baby boy Jesse.  Dave graduated from Colorado School of Mines and is currently a project engineer.


We want to say a very special thank you... Hollye Schumacher & Eric Shunk our amazing photograpghers who have grown to be such dear friends of ours.  There is not enough space on the page to show our appreciation for what they have both done for us.  During our engagement session where all of these photos on our website came from they both captured moments between Matt & I that we will forver cherish.  And we have not even gotten to the BIG DAY yet...  Hollye and Eric's photograpghy is like no other that we have ever seen and we are both feel so fortunate to have them as a part of our lives.  Not only are they amazing wedding photograpghers, Hollye also does photograpghy work with children, families, and dog portraits.  We look forward to the moments down the road that we will share with Hollye & Eric and once again capture some amazing moments in the next chapter of our lives together. THANK YOU both for all that you do!! Ryan Brannen for creating such an amazing website that we could share with all of our friends and family.  Ryan captured our ideas perfectly and definitely went above and beyond what we ever could have imagined a wedding website would be.  

We also want to thank Shannon Rice for all of her help in creating our Honeymoon Registry and for being our travel guru while we planned our once in a lifetime Honeymoon. 

We have gained 4 new amazing friends throughout this process and will cherish the memories of making this all happen.  You are all so appreciated and please contact them should you be interested in their services- we HIGHLY recommend them!